Alpha by SKROSS Luxury Premium World Travel Adapter with Infinite Possibilities


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  • Designer: Jacob Jensen for Alpha by SKROSS® with Protective Cover case 
  • Triple Protection:  smart fuse, thermal switch-off, child protection 
  • To ensure the highest user safety, Alpha by SKROSS® is the first world travel adapter to be triple-certified IEC,BS,VDE . Tested by TÜV,
  • Carries a 5-year international replacement warranty 
  • Compatible with 7 international socket standards (Europe, Australia / China, UK, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil) and can be used in more than 205 destinations worldwide.
  • Works in all countries with the following socket standards: Type B, Type E & F, Type G, Type I, Type J, Type L, Type N


  •  Suitable for equipment with unearthed and earthed plugs (2- & 3-pole)
  • Input plugs: Europe (Schuko & 2-pole Euro), Australia/China, UK, USA/Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil
  • Output plugs: Europe (Schuko), Australia/China, UK, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil
  • Input voltage: 100 V – 250 V, Max. load: 10 A, Integrated fuse, Does not convert voltage


With its pure, elegant design, Alpha by SKROSS® is a must-have for today’s stylish traveler. Designed by the Danish design agency, Jacob Jensen Design, the adapter is characterized by stylish minimalism using the clean design language that the Scandinavian designer is known and recognized for.


The adapter can be used even with powerful devices such as laptops and hairdryers. It is also compatible with 7 international socket standards (Europe, Australia / China, UK, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil) and can be used by international travelers in more than 205 destinations worldwide.


As the most powerful world travel adapter in the current SKROSS® range, this adapter truly lives up to its name. It has gone through rigorous testing and certifications to ensure that it meets the very highest quality standards. Ground-breaking technologies and exclusively designed and patented safety features, including a triple safety mechanism, give full peace of mind when travelling the world. 

It combines Swiss precision and innovation with the aesthetic efficiency and forward thinking of Scandinavian design tradition.


Power supply: e.g. AC 100~250V 50-60Hz
 Plug type: output: Type B (USA), Type I (Australia / China), Type G (UK), Type F (Schuko), Type J (Switzerland), Type L (Italy), Type N (Brazil)
 Size (packaged): height 111mm, width 105mm, depth 73mm
 Size (unpackaged): height 73mm, width 72mm, depth 63mm
 Weight (packaged): 285g
 Weight (unpackaged): 205g
 What's in the box: World Travel Adapter 

World Travel Adapter Alpha by SKROSS®  FOR TRAVELLERS FROM: over 220 countries worldwide IN: over 205 countries

A Release button
B Country sliders (compatibility – output)
2 UK
3 Australia, China
4 Italy, Switzerland, Brazil
5 Europe (Schuko)
C Compatibility – input
6 Europe (Schuko) + Euro (more than 120
countries worldwide)
7 Australia, China
8 USA, Japan
9 UK
10 Switzerland
11 Italy
12 Brazil
The Alpha by SKROSS® is suitable for most 2-pin and 3-pin plugs in protection class I and II and is the safest way to connect your portable devices around the world (3-pole sockets).
Suitable for the following types of device (D), including: laptops, hair dryers, cameras, electric toothbrushes, chargers for smartphones, tablets, etc.
Adapter: max. 10 A; 100 V/1000 W–250 V/2500 W


Press the release button (A) and push the desired slider forwards until it clicks into place. Connect the mains plug or charger to the adapter (E). Connect the adapter to the mains (F)

Setting up the adapter for use in Switzerland, Italy, Brazil (G)
Push the slider (4) forwards until it clicks into place. The middle pin can now be moved:
11 Switzerland: push the middle pin all the way forwards.
12 Italy: line all three pins up in a row.
13 Brazil: push the middle pin forwards to the point where it clicks into place for
the first time. 

‘Schuko’ standard
Using the adapter with a device with a Schuko plug: remove the attachment, connect the plug directly to the adapter (H) and then connect the adapter to the mains (I).
To connect devices from all over the world in ‘Schuko Europe’, connect the attachment directly to the socket (J).
• 1 x safety fuse 10 A (not replaceable) for protection against excess current/short circuits
• 1 x thermal cutoff for protection against overheating

The fuse blows when the adapter is used with devices of a higher power stage than specified (W = A x V).

Thermal cutoff
When the permitted temperature is exceeded,the thermal cutoff switches the adapter off.
In order to reset the cutoff, the adapter must be unplugged.

After a cooling-off period of up to 4 min, a quiet ‘click’ can be heard and the adapter can be used again

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