Barefoot Venus Black Coconut Body Care 5-pc Gift Set

SKU: MBCA-BV-12907

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Barefoot Venus Black Coconut Gift Set Includes, Shea Butter Body Lotion- Moisturizes naturally with soothing olive fruit oil, shea butter and plant extracts. Shea Butter Shower Gel - Blended with shea butter, green tea and liquorice extract. Himalayan Mineral and Detox Soak - A mix of Pink Himalayan, Epsom and Dead Sea Salts create a detoxifying sea of muscle relaxing bath water. 

Argan Body Oil Spray Super hydrating mix of vitamin-rich botanical oils. Perfect travel size! Shea & Mango Butter Hand Repair Protective Mango & Shea Butters, moisture giving Olive oil & shielding Soybean oil, work hand-in-hand to help rebound and recuperate from harsh dehydration.

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