Barefoot Venus Body Care Coconut Kiss 5-pc Gift Set

SKU: MBCA-BV-12690

Sale price$77.99


The Barefoot & Venus Coconut Kiss Gift Set , has Island coconut fragrance kissed with a bright, tropical smile. It blends in luxurious botanical ingredients to nourish, replenish and surround you in your sunny escape. The set is perfect for those harsh winter months, just add your little indulgence to steamy running water

Nurture dry, wounded hands back to health. Protective Mango & Shea butters, moisture giving Olive oil & shielding Soybean oil, work hand-in-hand to help rebound and recuperate from harsh dehydration. Gift Set Includes Body Wash 12 oz, Bubble Bath 4.4 oz, Bath Soak Tin 7 oz, Argan Body Oil 5 oz, and Hand Repair Mini 1 oz.

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