Barefoot Venus Hand Sanitizer Yellow Label 225 Milliliters

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Barefoot Venus Peppermint Aloe Leaf Hand Sanitizer is made with 68% grain alcohol and essential oil of peppermint known for its antiviral properties.

Enriched with aloe leaf and peppermint, this sanitizer is gentle on skin, moisturizes it leaving it smooth and supple.

The 255 ml bottle fits easily in a purse, backpack or any bag for use on the go. The pump style nozzle makes for nice even spread over hands. Please avoid contact with the eyes and mouth.


  • Hand Sanitizer with 68% grain alcohol and essential oil
  • Contains peppermint which is known for its antiviral properties
  • Made with aloe vera leaf juice which hydrates the hands and reduces skin irritation
  • Comes in 255ml bottle, perfect for carrying around and to use on the go!
  • Made in Canada

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