Chanv Natural Hair Serum for 59ml

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Restore Strength & Radiance –This revitalizing hair serum for women provides follicles with essential moisture to create stronger, softer, more vibrant hair.

Nourishing Frizz Control – Along with repairing dry, damaged split ends, our formula helps you better control curly, frizzy hair for natural manageability.

Protect Color and Shine – Fortified with essential oils like geranium and rosemary, our advanced hair serum is gentle on dry, brittle hair and helps revitalize color.

Light, Silky Results – Crafted specifically for dry, frizzy, curly, or ethnic hair, this anti-frizz treatment leaves hair feeling smooth and stronger with beautiful shine.

Get thicker, healthier, more radiant-looking hair by restoring essential moisture and hydration deep within your scalp and follicles with Chanv.

When your hair is dry and brittle is can lead to damage, split ends, and a dull look that leaves you feeling less-than-confident. That’s why we developed Chanv Natural Hair Serum, an advanced formulation that restores essential hydration and moisture to restore your hair’s strength, fullness, and radiance.

Product Details:

  • Natural Hair Serum
  • Improves Control and Manageability
  • Supports All Hair Types
  • Smooth, Silky Feeling

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