Decorebay Handcrafted PU Crocodile Leather Tie and Cufflink Storage Box for Men – Seal Brown

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Key Features:

  • Gorgeous and elegant Decorebay burgundy neck tie, bow tie and cufflink storage box with PU crocodile leather and ivory velvet lining on the inside
  • 6 compartments to store and protect your neck ties, skinny ties (up to 3.5” in width and 68 Inches in length) and pocket squares
  •  2 snap closures for storing your precious bow ties
  • 1 compartment to store other accessories including tie bars, tie clips, handkerchiefs and metal collar stays
  • 1 compartment with 6 generously padded rows offer storage and protection for 20 cufflink pairs and can also be used to store rings and pins
  • Luxurious hinges allow the case to open and close with ease
  • Case dimensions are 6 L x 12.6 W x 3.6 D inches and feature 1-year limited seller warranty


Keep your neck ties, skinny ties, bow ties, cufflinks and other accessories tidy and organized with this stylish Decorebay tie and cufflink storage box. It includes 6 tie compartments that securely hold your precious and expensive neck ties, skinny ties or pocket scarves.

The tie compartment can store ties that are up to 3.5 inches in width and 68 inches in length. Also features 1 compartment with 6 generously padded rows that can hold up to 20 cufflinks and can also be used to store rings and pins. 1 spacious rectangular compartment to keep your tie bars, tie clips, metal collar stays and other accessories and precious items secure in style.

The elegant PU crocodile leather gives your ties a safe home while presenting   a unique look and allows you to store your ties in style.

The perfect gif for him.


Material: Metal lock, PU leather and wood 

Box Dimensions: 12.6 L x 12.6 W  x 3.6 D Inches

Tie Compartment Dimensions: 3.74 L x 3.74 W x 2.36 Inches

Cufflinks Compartment: 3.74 L x 5.12 W x 2.36 Inches

Extra Compartment: 3.74 L x 6.5 W x 2.36 Inches

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