Duke Cannon Assorted 4-Piece Bar Soap Set (10 oz each)

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Key Features:
  • At 10 ounces, this soap is 3x bigger than common bar soaps

  • Triple milled for superior quality

  • Cruelty-Free. Not tested on animals

  • Made in the USA


Introducing the Great American Frontier Line from Duke Cannon - Premium Men's Bar Soap. Legend tells us of a place, somewhere outside the range of Uber and WiFi signals, where outlet malls and vegan juice bars cease to exist. It's a place where stories are told without emojis and and memories are made without selfies. We're talking about the Great Outdoors, and this place smells downright fantastic.

Big A** Brick of Soap

Our soaps are designed to meet the high standards of hard working men who want to get clean and smell good without using feminine shower gels and accessories..

All Duke Cannon Soaps are modeled after the rough cut, "brick" style of soap used by GI's during the Korean War and are manufactured in the same plant that was the primary supplier of military soap for over 20 years

Package Includes

4 of the Men's Big Brick of Soap 10 Ounces each

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