Duke Cannon Mens Brick Bar Soap - Smells Like Naval Triumph 10 Ounces

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Duke Cannon Men's Bar Soap - 10oz. Big American Brick Of Soap By Duke Cannon - Naval Triumph we all know that size matters - especially when it comes to soap.

Being three times the size of regular soaps means that Duke Cannon is going to last a lot longer than most competition. It’s triple-milled for highest quality, and has steel cut grains for texture and exfoliation.

Duke Cannon Brick Soap is modeled after soap used by GIs in The Korean War, and are field-tested by active-duty U.S. soldiers. Perfect for everyday masculinity, or a gift every man will actually love.

Made in U.S.A. With a portion of proceeds supporting veteran’s causes.

  • Duke Cannon smells like Naval Triumph Bar Soap, 10 ounces
  • Duke Cannon Mens Brick Bar Soap scent meets the high standards Of hard-working men.
  • 10 ounces Duke Cannon Men's Bar Soap is 3x bigger than standard soaps. Triple milled for superior quality
  • Duke Cannon soaps are designed to meet the high standards of hard-working men who want to get clean and smell good without using feminine shower gels or perfumed body washes.
  • A Portion of Proceeds Benefits U.S. Veterans. Cruelty-Free. Duke Cannon never tested on animals, just bad interns. Made in the USA.

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