Monin 3 pack of 750ml Plastic Bottle Portion Control Syrup Pump with Tip Cover

SKU: MBCA-MN-13211X3

Sale price$28.68


Monin syrup pump fits 750ml glass bottles; pumps will be either black or white in color.

Monin syrup pumps are color coordinated for easy flavor recognition. Syrup pumps dispense ¼ fluid oz. per pump. A messy situation can easily be avoidable from pouring syrups from the bottle.

  • A specially designed and calibrated pump For 750ml plastic syrup bottles
  • Syrup pumps dispense ¼ fluid oz. per pump
  • Monin Syrup Pump comes out with White color.
  • Portion control pumps accurately dispense Monin Syrup into beverages, calibrated to dispense 1/4 fluid ounce
  • Fits all Monin 750ml glass bottles except Fruit Purées. Avoid a sticky mess from pouring syrups from the bottle.

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